Be safe with LA Taxis

LA Taxis Textback Service

Our customer's safety is our main priority, and with our up-to-date technology in place, there is no safer way to travel.From booking your taxi to dropping you at your destination, your safety is our main priority.

We record all calls and offer a FREE TEXTBACK SERVICE informing you when your car has been dispatched and when it has arrived. We also tell you the make and model of the car, registration number and drivers name as well as their callsign.

Our technology enables our call centre staff track all our vehicles, wherever they are at any time.

There is no safer way to travel!

LA Taxis and the environment

    LA Taxis Carbon Footprint

    At LA Taxis we are very keen to minimise our carbon footprint.We have a number of hybrid vehicles and intend to add more to our fleet in the future.

    The rest of our fleet consists of low emission vehicles - we insist that any vehicle joining our fleet is below a certain age (we remove vehicles off our hire fleet when they are deemed too old).

    We at LA Taxis feel it is our duty to do all we can to reduce our Carbon Footprint and we are always looking at ways to ensure this is kept to a minimum.