The LA Taxi's App

The premier Newcastle Taxi Application for both IOS and Android

Ease of Use

LA Taxis Newcastle service

With easy navigation, a simple interface and plenty of options to book or order your taxi we think its the best app in the industry!

Select Cash or Card

LA Taxis Newcastle cash or card

Card, or cash - We always try to make things as easy as possible and the option for card or cash is just another little way we are tryhing to help.

Immediate Location Pick Up

LA Taxis Newcastle target

No need to call up - just hit the button and we will be on the way!

Step One - Download The App

Simply scan the QR Code below or search for LA Taxis in The Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

LA Taxis QR

Step Two - Select Cash or Card

At this point you can either add a payment card or select to pay by cash - Which ever you would prefer!

LA Taxis Newcastle card

Step Three - Book Your Taxi

Simply hit the pick me up button and we will connecto you to the nearest available driver.

LA Taxis Newcastle Map

Step Four - Enter Destination

Simply You can now enter your destination - This allows us to give you an accurate quote - With no price surges

LA Taxis call or download our app

Step Five - Track Your Car

You'll now have live tracking available as an option as well as useful notifications to tell you when your car is nearby.